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Power up your partnerships with MYSPIISEE's ecosystem management platform by Spiisee Software

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Purpose-built to manage your sales programs with three unique systems for a complete ecosystem management solution.  Modular systems enable you to use what you need and easily add features and tools as required.  


  • Multi-application tech stack "Ecosystem Management platform"

  • Omni-sales channel software 

  • Multi-tenant architecture

All-In-One Ecosystem Management Platform

Designed to manage every aspect of your indirect and direct sales programs.  MYSPIISEE's ecosystem management platform replaces multiple software applications and inefficient processes, providing the very best user experience.

Whether you connect your back-end systems with Spiisee's front-end or operate Spiisee independently, you will always have real-time sales intelligence with a single source of truth.

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Omni-Sales Channel Management System 

Spiisee's Omni-sales software is designed to align sales departments, removing  conflict by connecting all sales programs in a centralized environment.


Spiisee's sales department management tools remove the complexity of creating custom workflows and reporting for both direct and indirect sales programs.

  1. Create unlimited sales departments

  2. Create custom sales workflows by departments including:

    • Deal Registration

    • Pricing Approval

    • Quoting-to-Cash.

  3. Get real-time intelligence across all sales programs in a single lens

Muti-Tenant Architecture

SPIISEE’s multi-tenant approach enables sales partners to scale their services portfolio by offering Single Sign-On (SSO), a single workflow and processing for all vendors within MYSPIISEE's catalog.  SPIISEE’s partner community is growing with a free-to-a-partner with options to quote their own products and services as part of your proposal.


Everyone benefits from a thriving sales partner community with SPIISEE’s multi-tenant architecture.

Drive sales by giving your sales partners the experience they are demanding!

Our platform connects you with three user-friendly and intuitive interfaces to manage your direct sales departments and indirect sales partners.

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  1. Client Portal is designed for you to manage all elements of the online marketplace, supply and sales ecosystem. 

  2. Vendor Portal supplier interface is a self-service portal to enter and manage products, services, and marketing. 

  3. Sales Portal sales partner interface offers the very best end-user experience to easily quote multiple products & services from multiple suppliers. 

Whether you are a technology company looking to launch a sales partner program or looking to scale existing programs, we have the right solution for you.

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​The MYSPIISEE Channel Enablement platform is designed to drive partner performance and productivity by simplifiying your partners' quote-to-cash process.

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