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Why choose Spiisee?

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​​​Spiisee is a premier development company that has designed an 8 software Ecosystem Management platform to automate workflows for Omni-sales departments.  

What sets us apart from others is our Multi-Tenant Architecture developed by Carl Watene our CIO and founder. SPIISEE’s partner community is growing with a free-to-partner with options to quote their own products and services as part of your proposal.

We provided an Omni-Sales Channel Management System that is designed to align sales departments, removing conflict by connecting all sales programs in a centralized environment.

SPIISEE’s multi-tenant approach enables sales partners to scale their services portfolio by offering Single Sign-On (SSO), a single workflow and processing for all vendors within MYSPIISEE's catalog.  


We believe that channel programs thrive on efficient web-tools and workflows. Your channel program should be an asset, not a hindrance and it should adapt to your business.

Spiisee will work with you to automate workflow supporting productivity to keep your technology partners running smoothly.

Spiisee technicians bring both development and consulting experience to every task, which means the products you receive reflect a true appreciation for adding value to your channel program.

Built on a solid foundation

Spiisee Software has created and managed eCommerce for over 10 years. Our software has proven results for start-ups to small and medium enterprises (SME's). 

We identified the need for an automated online marketplace for companies offering services for resale. We have fulfilled this need by providing a proven solution purpose-built through our first-hand experience. 

Our systematic approach enables us to understand your business, delivering a platform modeled on your channel goals.  


With proprietary channel intelligence software we continually deliver enhanced intelligence and reporting services with ongoing upgrades to ensure your unified channel ecosystem evolves.


Let our dedicated team build the tools and provide the resources to ensure your partners can continuously enhance their sales capabilities. 

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