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MYSPIISEE Channel Intelligence Software (MCIS) eliminates spreadsheets.  Get what you need at your fingers with data from all 8 software layers within the Everest technology stack. 

Global Channel Reporting

Unified Platform Automation (UPA) offers data from all 8 proprietary software layers within the technology stack to a single central location. 

Reduce data preparation and increase efficiencies when you integrate with your existing systems, Everest connectors consolidates your data with both SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics.

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Intuitive Interface

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Assign Product and Sales Managers to your sales and supply partners and give them the data they need to focus on increasing sales activities.  Keep your team updated and ahead of their sales goals with accurate forecasting.  Make your managers accountable for their performance with a real-time lens on their progress.

MCIS Analytics

MCIS offers complex pricing, discount, and commission models required to support supplier resale programs.  MYSPIISEE has commission reports for tracking and payments.  Give your sales and supply partners real-time access to 

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Channel Intelligence


Your channel data is always changing and growing — refresh data as often as you like and get the most up-to-date information.  We make getting real-time and historical data fast and easy with MYSPIISEE Channel Intelligence Software (MCIS). 

MCIS integrates with your back-office applications to quantify sales partner and supplier data. Collaborate on the same report, sharing the same insights. 

MCIS ensures you are able to grasp information in the most meaningful way offering you the richest insight with filters and drill-down options, along with a variety of visual graphs.  

See what Spiisee can do for you.


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