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MYSPIISEE's technology Stack has 8 software applications designed to launch sales programs and recruit partners quickly, increasing growth, profitability and scalability.  

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Spiisee Software is digitally transforming the way tech companies automate sales and supply chain partner programs. We simply connect the dots in our proprietary technology stack reducing the impact on existing resources, and delivering the very best B2B end-user experience.

Everything your sales programs needs All-In-One Stack 


Channel Intelligence Systems

Get the very best insight into your channel activity.   


MYSPIISEE consolidates end-user, suppliers and sales partners metrics, providing real-time and historical reporting from 8 software layers across our proprietary technology stack. 


Share valuable data with your partner community and provide analytics within their interface.


Partner Ecosystem


Digitally transform the way you enter, track and manage both sales and supply partner information.

Assign a product or sales manager to ensure your partners are exceeding their goals.

Get insight and increase your partner relationships to improve scalability and increase profits.

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Customer Relationship Management

Capture, track and manage end-user information.

From deal registration to subscription tracking, get meaningful insight into your partners' customer base to build longer-lasting relationships.


Product Information Management

You and your vendors can enter and manage product information through the platform.   


Enter products or subscription services into your marketplace using EverCore's  product management tools.


Vendors can enter, manage and submit their products and subscription services for your approval prior to publishing them into your marketplace.


B2B eCommerce 


Offer your channel partners the very best sales experience to find and sell products and services within your online store..

Sales partners can purchase subscription services for resale or build an end-to-end solution in a single proposal from multiple suppliers. 


Order Management Systems

Enable sales partners to easily quote multiple products & services from multiple suppliers.

Sales partners can purchase, sell and track subscription services within a single pane of glass. 


Receive automated email alerts and get dashboard notifications letting partners know their renewal proposal is ready to send.


Learning Management Systems

Make sales training and certification more efficient across vendors.  

Increase value within your partner community with product awareness and sales partner knowledge through educational videos, product information, sales training and certification entered and managed by your supply partners .


Channel Marketing Automation

Optimize your channel marketing performance with collaboration between suppliers through EverCore marketing tools.

Manage scrolling advertising or promotional banners and special offers requested by suppliers.  Have your marketing team publish weekly specials in your online store in minutes.

Eight software layers:

Our unique ecosystem management platform can operate independently of our client's backend systems or integrate with them, connecting the front end with the back end to configure a fully managed ecosystem.

SPIISEE is a B2B Sales Channel Software Automation company conceived to redefine how technology solutions are procured and sold.


The Spiisee team can help you increase productivity and revenue for sales partners. With the right experience, Spiisee will maximize the value of your partner ecosystem. 


MYSPIISEE automates sales workflows based on best practices and processes with sales, training, reporting and marketing elements. 

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